Sometimes happens that new customers ask us ... it is real silver?
We take this opportunity, therefore, to respond and clarify.
There is no fake silver.
The silver may have different titles (ie amount of pure silver) but in any case it remains silver.
Quite different is all that is called silver, but it is not.

There is who sell jewelry in silver, but they are not. In reality are made of metal alloys and, at best, of brass. Not rarely it happens that someone is complaining about silver jewelry which are then turned yellow. In fact, they are returned to their original metal. What has happened is that in a short time it is worn the silver layer that simply wore the jewel.
Other jewels are described in a misleading way (especially on the web) or is he deliberately meant to be silver, but you will not find written that it really is, in any part of the product page. In reality, "Silver" describes only the color of the jewel but not the real metal. can you choose?

Always buy from person or business of trust.
You have to buy from those who can always guarantee, also in writing (as in the case of our online store), what sells in the quality and details. Companies to which you can always contact for any question or problem.
Buy from the seller on the beach, from the stalls of bijoux, or in the fairs, is least risky. Do you think you also find it a month later?
Always check that there is the punching, ie silver brand (eg. 925, 800, 750, etc.). Even if is possible to falsify it, in most cases is real, and certify the title silver. On imported silver jewels, there are other things to know and we'll talk about in the next blog.
And above all, always weigh up the price.
You can always make good deals, but think you can buy a jewel valued at € 100.00 to € 10.00 is definitely misleading. For you! In that case you are purchasing an item of low costume jewelry. Without a doubt nice, but that soon will lose its characteristics and will prove to be for what it really is. The important thing is be aware of it.
Remember that an honest trader will never make you a discount of 50% (trust me, even for free is long dead) as long as he has not decided to sell everything and open a kiosk with drinks on the beach in Honolulu ..!