discountOnline we often find really low prices.
A great bargain, sometimes! Sometimes, I dare say most of the time, a great bait.
If the offer is valid, we think whether to purchase. But if it is torn, we can not resist. And we buy!
But attention to distinguish the business from the rip-off!

With great frequency, on the web we find discounted items, offers, promotions. All-out sale, super discounts, exceptional fire sale, Black Friday ... Great!

Obviously with a price discount it is easier to buy, maybe just one thing we need or we like so much!
But be careful that it is a true offer!
With the exception of the sales of shoes and clothing, a discount from 60% and up it is often misleading or at least doubtful. And this should warn you.

Excessively low prices often have different reasons. Let's see what:

  1. Poor quality. Always read the product description very well. Inside you must find all relevant information to evaluate the quality of the object.
  2. Deceit. The product description describes an item in an ambiguous and different way from what you will receive. Here are a few examples:
    - 'Silver Bracelet', where silver does not describe the metal but the color, or its plating, if you're lucky. Or 'leather bag' that does not specify that it is faux leather. When in doubt about the real quality of the product you wish to purchase, please contact the retailer to ask questions.
    - The photos show you models with fabulous dresses, tops and pants to scream, with a price you will not pay never even a hem in neighborhood store. It is done!
    But what will be delivered will not be more than the ugly (but really ugly!) copy of what you had seen online. Obviously the company will bounce any claim, in all languages of the world except in Italian;) (if they will respond ....)
  3. Scam. Excessive reduction in the price is justified with an excuse (eg. clearance sale) but after completing the purchase and paid for, you will never receive the item. And the company will disappear or will stop answering the phone and to your email.
  4. Foreign company. The item you you want to buy is being sold by a foreign company (I talk about companies outside the EU, and vice versa). In this case, what you do not know is that they are required in customs duties. Duties are not evidenced in the process of purchase, but will have to be paid on delivery. This means that the total price will be equal or perhaps greater than that you would have paid in your store or favorite national website. Away free, however, to purchases within the EU, which are not subject to customs duties :)
  5. Flaws. The item for sale has flaws, invisible to the naked eye or maybe not at all visible, but that will manifest later.
    If the seller is honest, the flaw must be shown out and justify the discount price. As the articles outlets sold on our website, where minor imperfections justify the lower price.
  6. Bargain The item is perfect and is sold almost at cost price to the close of business (real!) or because it is a discontinued product.. So take advantage of it ... now that's a real opportunity!

If you have doubts or questions on the item you would like to buy, always contact the seller to ask questions.

In conclusion, try always to buy at the best price, but sure of what you are buying and, above all, by those who you are shopping!
Have you already read our article dedicated to the subject, is not it? :)