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New arrivals!

13/09/2019 18:02

Nuovi arrivi

Comments | Posted in News By Sabrina Cecchini

Low price...Bargain or Bait?

16/01/2017 14:30

discountOnline we often find really low prices.
A great bargain, sometimes! Sometimes, I dare say most of the time, a great bait.
If the offer is valid, we think whether to purchase. But if it is torn, we can not resist. And we buy!
But attention to distinguish the business from the rip-off!

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Comments | Posted in News By Bry

Real Silver or Fake Silver

11/08/2014 16:00

Sometimes happens that new customers ask us ... it is real silver? 
We take this opportunity, therefore, to respond and clarify. 
There is no silver fake. 
The silver may have different titles (ie amount of pure silver) but in any case it remains silver. 
Quite different is all that is called silver, but it is not.

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Comments | Posted in News By Sabryna

Mother's Day

04/05/2014 20:35

All over the world (or almost) is celebrated Mother's Day. What not everyone knows is it is not the same day everywhere.

For example, today, 1st Sunday of May is celebrated in Spain and Portugal. In Italy and in the majority of states, however, it is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May.
Well.. is almost here!

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Comments | Posted in News By Sabryna

Bridal Jewelry

03/05/2014 01:28

Once you choose the dress, the next step is the jewelry for the bride.
So what are the right jewelry ..?
Necklaces, earrings, bracelets ... how to choose?

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Comments | Posted in Bridal & Wedding By Sabryna

Men Bracelets

18/01/2014 16:49

Discover new trends and patterns of men bracelets! On our online shopping sites, dedicated to men jewelry and accessories _ in silver 925 and steel "Made in Italy", you will find men bracelets design made with modern materials, fashionable and so trendy so that will be a pleasure to wear! 

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